Gut Health Freedom Program

Welcome to the beginning of the end of your seemingly never ceasing digestive issues.

A personalized, online program offering complete & convenient support, so you can prioritize your gut health on your schedule.

Does this sound like you?

  • You are a professional "bathroom locator" when you visit anywhere outside of your home.
  • You've been told to "take this pill" to solve your gut symptoms, or even worse that you're "unsolvable".
  • ​You've been to countless medical professionals with no resolution or solution to your symptoms.
  • ​You're exhausted and frankly discouraged by the length of your symptoms, trying lots of things, & all the commitment to time for appointments...
  • You are a professional "bathroom locator" when you visit anywhere outside of your home

  • You've been told to "take this pill" to solve your gut symptoms, or even worse that you're "unsolvable"

  • ​You've been to countless medical professionals with no resolution or solution to your symptoms

  • ​You're exhausted and frankly discouraged by the length of your symptoms, trying lots of things, & all the commitment to time for appointments...

I'm here to tell you that this does NOT have to be your reality. You CAN achieve better digestion, overall health, less pain and bloating, and improve your diet variety/food tolerance. I am you. I've been you, and since 2016 I've helped thousands just like you resolve their gut issues.

I really do care about helping you get better.

Have questions?

Get to know your Gut Health cheerleader..

Rhya Pachin
RDN, LDN, CLT, Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist

Hi! I am a licensed dietitian nutritionist with an "integrative" or "functional" approach. That means I apply evidence-based nutrition science to support the body as a whole instead of trying to address a single symptom or system. I am also a certified LEAP therapist dietitian, which means I am trained to design and supervise custom elimination diets.

My practice focus areas include: gastrointestinal (GI) conditions such as IBS and IBD; autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthiritis (RA) and Hashimoto's; stubborn weight issues; food sensitivities, and other chronic inflammatory conditions in both adults and children.

Perks of the Gut Health Freedom online program:

I know you're busy - so I made it easy for you to incorporate Gut Health Freedom into your lifestyle.

  • At home, comprehensive testing included
  • Customized Supplements & Diet Protocol (including meal plans!)
  • ​On-Demand access to professional support during the program
  • ​Structured, online learning, on your own time

Course Details...

Here's a peek inside the program:

Course Preview

  • Program Overview - 3 Phases

  • WHEN Will I Feel Better?

  • Addressing Food Triggers

  • Steps to Healing over 6 Months

  • Stool Test Collection

  • Troubleshooting Stubborn Symptoms

How Does This Work?

Gut Healing Protocol: 5R's

  • Remove: Infection/Food Triggers

  • Replace: Digestive Support

  • Replenish: Beneficial Bacteria

  • Repair: Inflammation/Damage

  • Rebalance: Prevention/Lifestyle

Stool Test Results

  • Digestion

    -how well are you breaking down fat, protein, and carbs?

  • Leaky Gut

    -irritation and intestinal damage

  • Infection

    -parasites, yeast, bacterial overgrowth

  • Gluten Sensitivity

    -do I really need to eliminate it?

  • Beneficial Bacteria

    -customize your probiotic

  • Prebiotic Levels

    -need more fiber?

  • Inflammation

    -chronic vs. acute

  • Gut Diversity

    -key to preventing recurrence

Protocol: Phase 1
(Months 1-2)

  • Remove Infection

  • Address Food Triggers

  • 4-week Check-in

Protocol: Phase 2
(Months 3-4)

  • Repair Gut Damage

  • Replenish Beneficial Bacteria

  • Reintroduce foods

Protocol: Phase 3
(Months 5+)

  • Rebalance - Food

  • Rebalance - Lifestyle

  • BONUS - What If I Have to Take an Antibiotic?

  • BONUS - Natural Medicine Cabinet

What Our Clients Have to Say

I cannot express my gratitude enough for Rhya and the team at Carolina Functional Nutrition. The best part about working with Rhya (aside from her incredible wealth of knowledge, research and science) is that she listens to you. I came to her when I was in the most pain I had been in my life and totally lost on the cause. Doctors told me it was stress, and a gastroenterologist dismissed it as not a cause for concern. Two meetings in with Rhya, she helped me figure out that my poor gut had a
bacterial infection causing a multitude of dysfunction and discomfort. But the good news is it was correctable
! -Kylie

I am so thankful that I found Rhya! I had struggled with gut and digestion issues nearly my entire adult life. After multiple visits to GI doctors, I was simply informed I had IBS and needed to restrict my diet. Unsatisfied with this diagnosis, I discovered Carolina Functional Nutrition. Within 6 months of working with Rhya, my "IBS" symptoms had nearly completely disappeared and I was no longer restricted in my diet. Rhya is incredibly knowledgeable and supportive and also kept my entirely informed throughout the process (why we were doing certain tests, what the treatments were addressing, etc.). I would HIGHLY recommend Rhya and CFN to anyone who wants to improve their health and well-being! -Brian

Rhya was a total game changer for me! I had spent years going to various providers in search of answers for and relief from
persistent skin and digestive issues. I was told everything from "try this medicine" to "this steroid cream could help" to "maybe a
dairy free and gluten free diet would make a difference". Nowhere along the way was I able to get a clear answer of what was the
root cause in my body nor sustainable remedies that actually helped. I was so frustrated - until I sat down with Rhya. She listened intently to every point I described, took everything into
consideration and was FINALLY able to pinpoint the multi-faceted cause of my constellation of symptoms. Her approach is respectful, non-judgemental and realistic. I
trust her and am so grateful for her help and support." -Kathleen

Pricing Options

pay in full & save

(Course, labs & support)


One Payment

payment plan

(Course, labs & support)


2 Monthly Payments

self study

(CouRse & labs only)


One Payment


How does this program work?

This program is all online. Within the course curriculum you will notice over 30 videos to guide you through your Gut Health Freedom Journey. Simply bookmark your client portal (the course website) and complete at your pace.

Do you accept insurance?

We do not accept insurance, but you may be able to utilize HSA/FSA funds for this program. Check with your insurance provider for clarification on fund usage. [Note: you WILL save not having to keep going back to the doctor or buying products to manage symptoms forever.]

What if I have questions during the online program?

This is a great question and we value the ability for you to be supported during your journey - whether online or in person. We will be giving you patient access to our online portal from which you can message me (Rhya) any questions you encounter over your 6 months in the program.

Online program, but 6 months? Can you clarify?

Yes! Another great question. This program is online, yet structured. Often we realized that coordinating our patient's busy schedules was becoming an obstacle to getting them on their Gut Health Freedom journey. The online nature of this program provides the on-demand access to information, convenient to YOUR schedule. You'll notice in the Course Curriculum that there are certain features to the program that are introduced at certain time frames, over the course of 6 months.

Do you offer payment plans?

YES! Upon enrollment you'll notice 3 options for package selection which includes: 1 payment of $1,950, or 2 payments of $1000 for the full support program, or 1 payment of $997 for the self-study option.

Relief is possible!

Don't settle for managing and suppressing symptoms daily or not feeling your best.

Webinar Replay:
IBS + SIBO: Top Myths & Mistakes

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